Quick Dish–Stir Fried Shrimps, Young Corn and Mushrooms

stir fried shrimps, young corn and mushrooms

Most of the time when we do our grocery shopping, I don’t have a list. I know that’s bad because when you don’t have a list, you tend to over purchase. Worse, you end up with a lot of products that you don’t use. On the other hand, that forces me to become creative. We’re on a tight budget right now and I need to make do with what I have. Everyday, I open my fridge to see what I can cook for dinner. Lunch is never a problem for me as you may already know. I just whip up whatever I can find. Dinner is different because MB is quite picky with his food. He wants to eat rice so I must cook a viand that goes well with rice.

I have been juggling a dozen things for the past few months already and somehow, instead of lessening, tasks just keep piling up. Yesterday I was really exhausted and so I decided to cook something fast and easy. I remembered that I still had a tray of young corn in the crisper. I also recently discovered a can of mushrooms in one of the cupboards and we bought a tray of shrimps last weekend so all those ingredients ended in a stir fry.

You need about 2 cloves of garlic, one small onion, the ingredients listed above, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper and some sugar about 1/4 teaspoon. Oh, and some water, about half a cup.

Place a pan on the stove, turn the heat to high and pour some oil into the pan. Wait for it to smoke. Add the garlic and onions. When they’re fragrant, add the veggies. Pour the water. I do this because I want the corn to cook up nicely. If you want crunchy corn, skip the water. I then added the seasonings and lastly the shrimps. Turn off the heat when the shrimps turn pink. Serve with hot rice.


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