Cibo’s Pumpkin Soup

My favorite soup is pumpkin soup. My favorite used to be the one from Almon Marina but I don’t know what happened and the last time I ordered it, it was terrible. When I went out with my best friend a few weeks back, we had meryenda at Cibo. I ordered some spinach dip and pumpkin soup.

cibo pumpkin soup, 240baon

If you are sick or tired, drink soup. It will help your body heal faster and will rejuvenate you. There is a reason why chicken soup is called the remedy for the common cold. Soup is easy to eat and easy to digest, perfect for the ailing body. I know when I’m feeling under the weather when I start looking for soup. That day when I ordered this, I was feeling tired so I immediately ordered soup.

This pumpkin soup is delicious! I just didn’t like the piece of bread (not a crouton, it was too soft) as it became mushy in the hot soup. I tried to eat it fast but couldn’t as it was very hot so it became a mushy glob in my soup. I love the flavor, it’s not too salty and not too sweet. My baby goddaughter loved it too. I gave her a few tastes and she really loved it. This soup plus a couple of bread with spinach dip definitely hit the spot.


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