Sunday, December 9, 2012

Korean Chicken Wings

and drumsticks!

korean chicken wings and drumsticks, 240baon

My mom and I went grocery shopping last Monday. I am having a hard time planning our menus as I am getting tired of the usual dishes that I cook. I saw a pack of McCormick Korean Bulgogi Chicken Mix and got intrigued. I was imagining what it would taste like and when I was frying the chicken, it hit me! Bonchon Chicken! It’s gotta be that!

Anyway, the pack comes with a batter that you need to dilute in 1/4 cup water. You dip the chicken in batter then fry them. After frying, put them in a container and pour the sauce and shake. You now have Korean fried chicken!

It does not taste like Bonchon but it tastes really good. I loved it so much that I ate 3 wings. MB liked it too but the drumsticks were still raw in the middle and you know that raw chicken is poisonous. So what I did was fillet the chicken, set aside the skin because that’s where all the flavor is and then fried the meat again. I packed the chicken for MB’s lunch the next day.

I got the flavoring at Landmark but it’s probably available in your favorite supermarket.

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