Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Awesome Lunch

I have a lot of awesome lunches and most of them happen at home. Here’s another one:

my awesome lunch, 240baon

This is the leftover homemade burger patty smothered with sour cream. Those are Frenchies Zesty fries and a Caesar salad. I also put some homemade salsa on the burger;

homemade salsa, 240baon

The burger plus the sour cream plus the salsa were wonderful! Just typing about it is making my mouth water. I will definitely try putting this in a bun next time.

I finished this meal with a glass of cranberry juice:

lakewood organics cranberry juice, 240baon

This is from Healthy Options and it’s very expensive at Php179 for a small bottle. This is good for 2 servings (for me). If you are experiencing frequent UTI’s, drink cranberry juice. See the benefits:

cranberry juice benefits, 240baon

This was delicious! I will buy more, rather I will ask MB to buy me more  = )

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