Monday, January 21, 2013

Beef Salpicao…Not!

One Saturday, MB and I found ourselves at home without lunch. We barely had any stocks left in the fridge as it was after the holidays so I rummaged through the freezer and found a pack of beef cubes, the ones used for stewing. I did not have time to stew because we both were already hungry so I decided to experiment.

I wanted to cook some beef salpicao but this was the wrong beef so I just cut it up into small pieces. This was the result:

beef salpicao not, 240baon

The beef, of course, was still tough but it was sooo delicious! I marinated it first in some Worcestershire sauce, a bit of Knorr seasoning and I think some soy sauce as well. I’m not sure if I added some minced garlic to the marinade. I fried the beef in olive oil and poured the marinade in. I also added some salt and pepper, some granulated garlic and sun dried tomatoes. Yes, sundried tomatoes! It was my surprise ingredient! It made the sauce perfect – salty, a bit sour and savory.
I don’t know if I left some magic ingredient out. I haven’t cooked this ever since but it was really delicious! MB loved this as well. We finished all the rice in the pot. He brought the leftovers to the office for lunch. 

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