Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fried Rice from Leftovers

Saturdays are mostly spent lounging at home. I have work on Saturdays so we seldom go out. When we do, it’s usually late in the afternoon or in the evenings. I needed to rest last Saturday so I told MB that we will just stay-in. We ordered a bucket of KFC the night before and we still had a few chicken leftovers. There was also some rice left because I did not eat rice for dinner. I was too lazy to cook new rice and so I decided to make some fried rice. As it is a Saturday, we no longer had stuff in the fridge and I ended up with a carrot, a celery stalk and the Goldilocks lumpiang shanghai I asked cousin C to buy for me as pasalubong. The result was this:

Fried rice made from leftovers, 240baon

I seasoned the rice with Knorr Seasoning. Doesn’t Knorr Seasoning smell divine when you cook with it? I chopped up all the ingredients and fried them. I also added some pressed garlic. I bought a garlic press last December and I never chopped garlic ever since. If you hate chopping garlic, buy a garlic press.

KFC”s rice is too soft and watery so I didn’t mix it too much as the starch will start to break down and make it more mushy and who likes mushy fried rice, right?

This was delicious! I re-fried the chicken into crispy perfection and we had a fabulous lunch. Needless to say, we finished everything! I love lazy Saturdays…

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