Monday, January 14, 2013

I ate my way through Cebu (Part 1)

I’m back from our family vacation in Cebu. All we did there was shop and eat hence the title. Our first stop was Hukad at Ayala Center. Our flight was delayed so we arrived late in Cebu. We were so famished by the time we got out of the hotel. I’m glad that our first choice did not disappoint.

hukad plate, 240baon

Here’s the plate. Gotta be careful of food spilling out the sides!

baked scallops, 240baon

Baked scallops which my sister ordered. I love scallops but I was not a huge fan of this.

chicken pandan, 240bao

I ordered the chicken pandan. I thought that was vinegar but it was sweet. I didn’t like this so much but it was okay.

crispy pork kare-kare, 240baon

I ordered this crispy pork kare-kare. It was awesome! I love the steamed veggies on the side. I can’t digest kare-kare very well so I go easy on the sauce. I’m glad that it’s served on the side too. The bagoong was great as well. It was not sweet unlike most bagoong in Manila.

pinakbet, 240baon

This is pinakbet ordered by mom. I loved the ampalaya in this! That’s all I ate!

sweet n sour tanigue, 240baon

Sweet and sour tanigue ordered by mom. I was not able to taste this but they finished it.

budbod, 240baon

For dessert, my sister ordered budbud smothered in chocolate sauce. It was delicious! You know what else is awesome about this restaurant? The price! We only paid Php800+ for everything! Of course my mom had a senior citizen discount but it was still cheap! Oh, and did I say that it was unlimited rice?

Food in Cebu is cheap (as in very affordable). I would stay there for a week to get fat. Stay tuned for part 2 of this post. 

Hukad is at Ayala Center Cebu.

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