Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I ate my way through Cebu (Part 2)

I will feature 3 restos in this series. This is the second one. The restaurant is Chika-an sa Cebu and can be found at SM.

Here’s what we ordered:

bistek cebu, 240baon

Bistek Cebu which I’m not a fan of as it’s a bit sweet. I like my bistek sour and salty although this was okay. My sister liked it. I ordered this.

calamares, 240baon

Calamares ordered by my sister. I didn’t touch this as I still have some trauma from calamares food poisoning back in November.

camaron rebosado, 240baon

Camaron rebosado which I ordered. I was feeling queasy in the restaurant so I was not able to eat well. We took the leftovers home and that’s what I ate for merienda.

chika-an menu, 240baon

Here’s the menu, by the way. As you can see, the prices are also cheap.

chika-an menu2, 240baon

chika-an menu3, 240baon

crab relleno, 240baon

Crab relleno. It was okay, I just don’t like the overwhelming taste of red peppers.

cucumber lemonade, 240baon

Cucumber lemonade which takes a lot of getting used to but my mom and sister finished the pitcher. I only took a sip.

green mangoes and bagoong, 240baon

I love green mangoes and bagoong so I had to have some! Although I was feeling nauseous, I was still able to down half of this. I ate the rest back at the hotel with rice and camaron.

munggo soup, 240baon

I ordered the munggo soup. This is a huge bowl actually and we still had some leftovers which we brought home. I only ate half of my small bowl as munggo triggers my illnesses. It was delicious as well. It had shrimps and dilis and ampalaya leaves.

rice, 240baon

Rice that the server said was good for 2 but in fact it was good for 4.

tortang talong, 240baon

Tortang talong ordered by mom. I didn’t touch this as well. My favorite tortang talong is the one my husband cooks. Our bill was a little over a thousand pesos. Not bad, right? This resto is a recommendation by V, MB’s brother so thanks V! He used to live in Cebu for several years that’s why he knows his way around.
Next up is part 3 of this post so stay tuned!

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