Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I ate my way through Cebu (Part 3)

This is the last restaurant in this series. I’m not a huge fan of Filipino dishes as they are rich and very filling. On our last night in Cebu, I asked my sister if we can eat somewhere light. She said Sunburst as recommended by her friend. Here’s what we ordered.

sunburst cheeseburger, 240baon

Cheeseburger which my sister and mom shared. They said that it was very good. I couldn’t watch them eat as all I wanted was some seltzer at that point.

potato chips, 240baon

I ate some of these potato chips. They were baked.

chicken wings, 240baon

We ordered 7 pieces of chicken wings which we all shared. I didn’t touch the rice. I ate 3 chicken wings and coleslaw, some potato chips and had a glass of ice tea. I think our bill was a little over 500 pesos, if not less. Sunburst is also at Ayala Center.

I was planning to eat at Zubuchon but the branch I saw was too far from our hotel. We also didn’t have time to visit the other branches because of all the shopping we did. Heck, we even went to S&R and bought a few things! The staff were so delighted to know that we came all the way from Manila and found the time to visit their Cebu branch.

If you’re planning to visit Cebu, bring a lot of antacid and seltzers as you will always be full. Cebu is a great place to splurge on food. Their restaurants are popular places for the family. The best restos serve Filipino food. The restos at Ayala Center are open until 11 pm every day. Even Krispy Kreme is open until 11 pm. Food is my best memory of Cebu and we will be back for more.

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