Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ribbon Candies

russell stover candy, 240baon

I’m fond of hard candies. They help a lot when my sugar drops and I don’t have access to food immediately. I got this box of Russell Stover Ribbon Candies in Cebu.

russell stover ribbon candy, 240baon

Each candy has a different flavor although the green is a recurring mint flavor. The red one is cinnamon and the pure red one is licorice, I think. The other flavors are orange and lemon. My favorite if of course, the mint one. The box says to serve in tiny pieces and then keep the leftovers in a candy dish. I just recently threw my candy dish away so I just taped the box again. I hope the candy will still be good by the time I get a new candy dish. I don’t like all the flavors as they take a lot of getting used to but I will be sure to serve this during family gatherings.

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