Sunday, January 20, 2013

Taco Bell for Christmas

This is a super late post. Last Christmas my family and I went to see Disney on Ice. We went to the adjacent mall to have a snack before the show started. Since there are no Taco Bells in our vicinity, I chose Taco Bell.

taco bell quesadilla, 240baon

I ordered this beef quesadilla. It’s delicious, what else can I say? MB and I shared this.

taco bell doritos taco, 240baon

I also had this special Doritos Taco. I love this! I like this better than their regular taco which is quite bland. The Doritos shell added more flavor. Sadly, this was a one-time promo only.

taco bell chips, 240baon

MB had these chips with his order. I don’t know what they are called but they were also delicious.

taco bell margarita slushie, 240baon

This Margarita Lime Slushie is great! It was a tad sweet but I really like it. I still have cravings for this drink.

taco bell munchers, 240baon

These are Taco Bell’s version of fries. They are potato cubes that are also delicious.

taco bell nachos, 240baon

Finally, my mom and sister ordered nachos. My sister didn’t like this because of the bean dip at the bottom but she ate the nachos that didn’t touch the beans.

I love Taco Bell and I wish they had a branch here. By the way, I digress. Did you know that Taco Bell is the only fast food restaurant in the US (among those studied by Yale University) that does not offer healthy choices for kids? As in zilch. The best fast food restaurant for your kids is Subway and nothing in their menu is considered bad for your child. That’s why if you like Taco Bell like I do, be sure to eat in moderation. = )

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