Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cold February Night Dinner

It rained a few days last week so I decided to make a hearty dinner.

soy garlic chicken bites, 240baon

These are soy garlic chicken bites. Some have the skin on. I fried them until crispy. I used the McCormick Korean Chicken mix again for this recipe. I think I like these chicken bites better than the wings version. I guess the sauce just coats them better because they’re smaller.

I was supposed to just cook this but I wanted some soup because it was cold. I looked around for what we had and cooked a very simple macaroni soup with just carrots.

simple macaroni soup, 240baon

This is just garlic, onions, chicken stock, carrots and a handful of macaroni shells. Simple dinners are the best for cold nights, don’t you think so?

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