Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Chewy Candy

hello kitty chewy candy, 240baon

My mom made an impromptu trip to Bangkok a couple of weeks ago. She brought me back a lot of pasalubong and this Hello Kitty chewy candy is one of them.

They look like packets of gum to me. There are 2 designs – the light pink one and the darker pink. There are different flavored candies but I’m mostly tasting orange and strawberry.

This is harder and thinner than Starburst candy but the taste is great. I am actually becoming addicted to it. I find myself reaching for a packet every now and then especially when I am working and my sugar drops and I can’t be bothered to go down and prepare some food. I know it’s bad but I just couldn’t resist! Every time I see that pink packaging, it’s like it’s calling me! I guess I should be thankful that the candies are small otherwise I’d be in big trouble with all that sugar in my system. I haven’t seen this candy around so I guess the next time I’ll taste this is when we go back to Bangkok.

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