Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Kitty Hard Candies

hello kitty hard candies, 240baon

This is the other pack of Hello Kitty candies that mom gave me as pasalubong from her Bangkok trip. As I suspected, these are hard candies but it says on the pack that these are crispy candies. LOL…

hk hard candies, 240baon

They are individually wrapped as well. I like the fact that they put a photo of the flavor on each pillow case so I know exactly what I’m getting. It has 3 flavors – strawberry, orange and grape.

hello kitty strawberry hard candy, 240baon

I’ve only tasted the strawberry. I wanted the grape or the orange one but it was too late when I noticed the flavor photo. I already opened the strawberry pillow. Anyway, it tasted good, much like the Hello Kitty chewy candies. This is a great pasalubong treat and I’ll be sure to hoard (yes, hoard) when I go there. This is also great to put in my purse for those sugar emergency moments.

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