Saturday, February 2, 2013

Leftover Soup

This is another smorgasbord of leftover ingredients. This is supposed to be a soup but the pasta shells sucked the soup dry:

leftover soup, 240baon

Aside from pasta shells, it has ground beef, carrots, potatoes, celery and tomato puree. MB enjoyed this dish and ate it with some toasted bread. I didn’t like it just because the ground beef tasted too gamey for me. Next time I will reduce the amount of ground beef and cook it like crazy and add a ton of pepper before adding it to the mixture.

I’ve also asked my grandmother to cook me some laing and ginataang langka. As a bonus, she sent me some ginataang puso ng saging and nilagang baka. Too bad I don’t have photos. I keep forgetting to take some as I scarf down the food like there’s no tomorrow and only remember the photos when the plates are almost cleaned out. = )I didn’t do the groceries last week just because we had enough food to last us until the weekend because of my grandma. She is a great Bicolana cook and her laing is the only laing I eat. Well, except of course when I ‘m in Bicol. Our family cook makes a mean dish of laing as well. Whenever someone goes to Bicol, I ask them to bring a jar of Manang Maureen’s laing. It’s awesome, I tell you!

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