Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Awesome Lunch by My Husband

I’m still on strict bed rest and I’m really thankful that my husband can hold his own in the kitchen. Last Saturday, he was very eager to cook lunch. Here is what we had for lunch:

mb's awesome fried rice, 240baon

This looks like a simple fried rice but it was sooo delicious! It’s actually better than mine! It has bacon bits, eggs and spring onions. For the seasoning, it’s a mixture of cooking wine, light soy sauce Knorr Seasoning, chili flakes, sugar, etc. Sorry, I can’t remember everything!

He also cooked this:

mb's garlic shrimps, 240baon

This is a simple garlic shrimp dish that worked well with the fried rice. We had some leftovers and I purposely asked MB to cook another dish last Sunday so that I can eat this for lunch all by my lonesome when he is in the office. = )

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