Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seafood and Veggie Gata

I was craving for crabs but MB does not like eating crabs. Well, he does. He just hates cracking them. So I thought I’d make a crab and shrimp dish with vegetables and coconut milk.

seafood and veggie gata, 240baon

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days and so MB helped me cook this dish. This is very simple. You just need crabs, shrimps, squash, long beans, coconut milk and seasonings of your choice. MB used Magic Sarap, salt and fish sauce. I was only able to buy one crab as Landmark ran out and the next delivery wasn’t until the afternoon. I needed to go home as I still had some work to do. Anyway, this is a delicious dish that seafood and veggie lovers would enjoy.

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