Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh, Wow!

That’s my initial reaction when I first tasted my lunch:

salad, tortilla and grilled chicken, 240baon

I always eat my meals in bed because I’m still on bed arrest (if you follow my lifestyle blog you’d know the whole story) that’s why I put my lunch on top of my laptop. Well, I have a table but I was too lazy to unfold it. Anyway, this is one of the best lunches ever!

I am allowed to go down twice a day (with a guide) and I make the most of that time. On Monday morning, I decided to cook dinner and prepare my lunch (with help from mom, of course). I assembled everything and cooked the chicken and gave mom instructions for lunch time.  It’s too hot and I’m not a huge fan of rice during summer so I always want salads and sandwiches for lunch.

These are mixed salad greens with grape slices, grilled chicken and tortillas. The packed salad greens came with this dressing:

kewpie japanese sesame soy dressing, 240baon

It was absolutely delicious and it went well with all the flavors in my plate. Do you guys know where I can get this? I’m not sure if Landmark sells them individually as this was a freebie taped on the salad pack. I would really love to make this a staple in my pantry.

The chicken is a simple grilled chicken breast with salt, pepper, Spanish paprika and a dash of oregano. I used my hands to eat this. I put some grapes in the tortilla and topped them with a slice of chicken, rolled the tortilla and dipped it in the sesame soy dressing. I can still remember the taste and I wish I had more! I also used the dressing for the salad. Next time I’ll make a wrap out of these ingredients. I’m sure it will be phenomenal!

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