Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is another one of those delicious lunches:

tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, 240baon

While I was downstairs the other day, I took the opportunity to prepare my lunch. I asked my mom for some help as I can’t tinker about in the kitchen just yet.

This tomato soup is so thick, it could pass as spaghetti sauce but it does not matter as it was still delicious. It would have been more delicious had I used roasted tomatoes but I just didn’t have the luxury of time so I used canned tomatoes instead. It would also be better had I cooked this longer.

I also asked my mom to prepare a grilled cheese sandwich. This was sooo delicious! I asked her to spread some sandwich spread on the bread, top it with ham, quick melt cheese and apple slices and put it in the oven. I had a glass of grape Gatorade to complete my meal. (I’m dehydrated that’s why my doctor put me on a Gatorade diet)

I still had some leftover soup by the time I finished the sandwich so I opened a bag of bread sticks and dipped them in the soup. Delicious!

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