Friday, May 3, 2013

Naan Pizza from Outer Space

naan pizza, 240baon

This photo reminds me of aliens and spaceships. I asked my mom to make me a naan pizza using the leftover tomato soup as sauce and adding ham and onion rings. My mom does not cook so I have to give her specific instructions on how to prepare my meals. I forgot to tell her to cut the ham into small pieces but I guess this was okay. It’s unique and it will all end up as mush in my tummy anyway. = )

Appearance aside, this was delicious. The tomato sauce (soup) went really well with the cheese in the naan. I would ask her to make this again for me when my husband buys me naan again. Oh, the naan is from Bread Talk, by the way. I had this and a glass of very cold grape Gatorade for lunch. Yum!

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