Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 Sandwiches and a Magnum

This post is long overdue. Whenever we are at MMC, we usually go to Pancake House to eat lunch. MB and I had these sandwiches on one of our trips there:


MB had a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a bite and it was delicious but it was also very greasy because of the butter. I already forgot what the sides are but I’m pretty sure there’s potato salad and a few slices of veggies which MB put inside the sandwich.


I had the tuna sandwich. I didn’t care for the potato salad. I did put the pickle and tomato in the sandwich though. This is delicious and I always get this whenever I want a light lunch.


About 2 Saturdays ago, MB went to 7-11 and of course I had to have my Magnum fix. I saw this flavor at Landmark Supermarket back when I was still pregnant. I was not allowed to eat chocolate and sweets so I had to wait. This is delicious as well but I think the chocolate overpowers the strawberry. It needs more sour notes to it. Well, that’s just me but you can really taste the strawberry flavor. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t eat this again. I still like the Brownie flavor better.

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