Thursday, September 26, 2013

Big City

There’s this burger place in the new Glorietta that’s called Big City. We’ve been wanting to try it out forever but were turned off with the prices. One day, we were already starving and it was the nearest place to go to. We ordered the following:

Chicken wings for me


Burger steak for cousin C

Burger for MB
Nothing tasted good… not even the fries. We didn’t like it all but we finished our plates (except for MB) nevertheless. The wings were still a bit bloody but I didn’t bother returning them as the food already took too long to arrive. The service is bad as well. When we followed up our order, the server made a face. The prices are high, the food is mediocre and the service was bad. Do I have a reason to go back? NONE at all.

After that disappointment, we went to get a bucket of fries at Potato Corner and a DQ treat. Here’s my favorite DQ treat:

WP_000128 (1)

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