Monday, September 16, 2013



We have only been to SM Aura once so we took advantage of exploring the food scene there. My husband and I, we both love Thai food so we decided to try this place out.





We ordered Tom Yum/Yam because this is hubby’s favorite. This was really spicy! He forgot to order the milder version. It was good, not great. I couldn’t taste it very well because there was just too much heat. There were also just a few pieces of shrimp. This dish does not justify its price. It’s too expensive in my opinion.


We also ordered spring rolls. These were blah. I like the ones at Oody’s and Soi better.  They have more creative dipping sauces too. This is just sweet chili sauce.


Mango catfish salad is my favorite but I was seriously disappointed with this one. It was too dry.


I think this is crab fried rice. Sorry, I can’t remember as this was from a long time ago. I also didn’t like this.


All in all, I think the food is too expensive for its taste. The service is also bad. We stood at the entrance for a few minutes. A lot of servers saw us but ignored us so we just entered the restaurant. It also takes a long time for them to serve the food and serve what we asked for such as water/napkins, etc. even though we were seated very closely to the kitchen. The bathroom was nice but it was dirty. It had a nice view too as the the glass window is exposed but don’t worry, no one will see you. We will never eat in this restaurant again.

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