Useful Grocery Finds

You know me, I always go around my favorite supermarket to find interesting things. Here’s what I got today:


When you buy 2 packs of milk, you get a free Magnolia bottle reminiscent of the old glass Magnolia bottles.


I actually already have several of these bottles as I’ve been buying them like crazy. They remind me so much of my childhood. As for the milk, I make sure that my husband drinks one glass daily before he goes to work.


Next is this goody box from Knorr. I’m not a huge fan of Knorr. I prefer Maggi but this was too good to pass up. If you buy 3 boxes of chicken cubes and several packs of their Sinigang Mix, you get a free Lock & Lock food keeper. Yes, it’s Lock & Lock and not just some cheap food keeper.


Finally this salad keeper from Nestle Cream. Buy 2 cans and you get this salad keeper free. There are 4 colours available – pink, blue, green, purple. They only have blue and pink at Landmark. The box can be re-used to hold your favorite Nestle recipes (as printed on the box) but I think the carton is too flimsy to be useful so I threw it away.

I’m very happy with my grocery finds today. I’m sure there will be more as the holidays approach.


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