Cheap and Quick Lunch


Filipinos are great for being matipid or economical when it comes to feeding their families. We can extend our budgets and food to feed a big family. It helps that rice is a staple in every table. This dish is an example of a cheap dish that can be served to a big family. It has veggies, carbs and meat so it’s a complete meal.

This is a saute of string beans, tofu and ground pork.


fried tofu cut into cubes
string beans cut into 1” length
ground pork
chopped garlic
chopped onions
chopped tomatoes
oyster sauce
light soy sauce
optional Maggi Magic Sarap or seasoning granules
salt and pepper

Let’s Cook!

In a pan, saute the garlic, onions and tomatoes in oil until wilted. Add the ground pork. Season with just a dash of granules if using. Wait until the pork is cooked and then add about a tablespoon of Oyster sauce and a tablespoon of light soy sauce. Add some water for the sauce. Taste. If it lacks seasoning, add some salt and pepper. Add the string beans and wait for them to cook. Lastly, add the fried tofu. Serve with rice.


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