Those Not So Stellar Meals and More

So, I’m not a great cook. I cook at home and that’s it. I have no formal training. I learned from my grandma and my sister and from watching countless hours of cooking and food shows. Thus, I am prone to many cooking mistakes. Here are some of them.


I tried making embutido but failed. It did not hold its shape and the taste was so-so.


My husband said that it was okay though and even brought the leftovers for lunch the following day.


Lumpia is another one of those dishes that I sometimes get right and sometimes don’t. The problem with this batch was the wrapper. The taste was great though!


This was an okay side dish. It has mushrooms, snap peas and oyster sauce.


This spread, on the other hand, was spectacular. We had daing na bangus, some rice, soy-calamansi dip, tomato and cucumber salad and some pears.

The thing I’ve learned about cooking is that I shouldn’t be scared to try new things, to get out of my comfort zone and to always have a Plan B should my experiment fail. We can always open a can of corned beef if all else fails.


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