Breakfast Burritos and Some Messy Breakfast Plates

You all know that breakfast for me is a tough challenge especially now that my son is becoming a picky eater. Here is one breakfast item we agreed on.

This is a simple breakfast wrap to make, perfect for busy mornings. Just spread some mayo on a tortilla, add some greens, scrambled eggs and ham. Roll up and serve.

My son doesn't like eggs. He never liked them even when he was still a wee baby. There is only a specific way he wants his eggs but I keep serving him different ones in hopes that he will try them. 

This is actually my plate. It consists of toasts, dried prunes, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese sticks. The cheese is for my son. 

This plate has toast with butter and strawberry jam, some cheese and scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms and parsley. 

I'd love to hear your breakfast ideas! Just comment below!


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