Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fantastic Salads

Summer means salads for lunch in my house. I'm lucky because my husband stays in the office. I am not forced to cook rice and the accompanying viands in a super hot kitchen. I am even luckier because my son loves salads. The chicken macaroni salad above is really easy to make. It just takes a little bit of prep work. 

You need:

cooked macaroni
boiled chicken, shredded
grapes, sliced in half
salt and pepper

Let's assemble!

Mix everything together except for the lettuce. Use the lettuce as a bed for your salad. Serve chilled and enjoy!

As for the salad below, it's actually a Waldorf salad which I totally forgot to photograph when I made it. That's what's left after just a day. This is my cheaper version wherein I used cashews from Baguio instead of walnuts. 

I will give you the recipe when I make this again. 

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