At last, a Decent Chopsuey

I suck at making dishes that require patience and several steps. Chopsuey may be a no-brainer dish for many but I avoid making it because I always end up with some problems such as - overcooked veggies, lack of flavor and so on.

However, one day, I was craving for chopsuey so I decided to be patient with this recipe and do several steps in order to have perfectly cooked veggies. If you want to try making it, here's the recipe.

You need:

juice of shrimp heads
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
snow peas
oyster sauce
salt and pepper

You can also add chicken but I cooked fried chicken with this so I omitted it. 

Let's do this!

In a pan, saute some garlic and onions in a little bit of oil. Add the peppers. Add the chicken if using. Pour the shrimp juice. I do this by putting a little bit of water in the pan and adding the shrimp heads. When they turn pink, I mash the heads using the spoon, ladle or turner that I'm using. I don't like pounding the heads in a mortar and pestle. I then remove the heads. 

Add the shrimps. When they are cooked, remove from the pan. Add the oyster sauce. Put the carrots and cauliflower. Let cook for 2 minutes. Add the snow peas and cabbage. Lower the heat and cover the pan/pot to let the vegetables cook. Add the shrimps. Season with salt and pepper. Dilute some cornstarch in water and add to the pot.  

Serve with rice. Great accompaniments to this dish are fried meats and seafood. 


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