Sweet and Sour Maya-Maya

Maya-Maya is such an expensive fish but I really like it. I was feeling extra special one night and though I'd make a fancy dinner for the three of us. If you order this dish outside, it would cost a lot. I got the fish for around 200 pesos. I think, overall, this dish costs around 350 pesos only and it fed 3. This was the first time that I've cooked with it. After so many years, I realized that I only like fish when it's fried. So, that's what I did with this one. 

I fried it and topped it with sweet and sour sauce. 

You need:

big fish of your choice
green bell pepper
red bell pepper
rice vinegar
brown sugar
spring onions
salt and pepper
soy sauce

Let's do this!

Season the fish with salt and pepper and fry. Some people like dredging it in flour first to reduce splatters. Set aside.

In a pan, saute the chopped garlic, onions and ginger. Add the bell peppers. Then the carrots. Wait for the veggies to cook. Add about a tablespoon of water, some rice vinegar and soy sauce. Add the sugar and mix them all together. Adjust seasonings as needed. In a cup, make a cornstarch and water slurry and add to the sauce to thicken. Top the fish with this vegetable and sauce mixture and sprinkle some chopped onions. 

I served this with our favorite fried eggplants and fruit platter. Enjoy!


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