A Special Day

My husband wasn't feeling well the other day so he stayed home. My son and I were thrilled that we get to spend the day with daddy. And you know me, since the family was complete, I decided to prepare special meals starting with breakfast.

I cooked some bacon, scrambled eggs and buttered toast. I served some blueberry jam as well as orange juice. The bread is honey walnut from the Breadery at UP Town Center. They were delicious. Expensive but delicious.

For lunch, I made some fried chicken wings and drumsticks, cheesy macaroni and served some red grape juice.

For our afternoon snack, we had some Mango Furumaji, ube cake cubes from my SIL's sister and keropok.

For dinner, we had some rice, munggo guisado, salted eggs, Slers chicharon and minced chicken with beans.

My husband was well-rested and well fed that day.

By the way, my husband gifted me with a new smartphone. This is the first time that I'm using a phone of this caliber. I'm using it now to blog. I'm still getting used to it so please excuse the crazy layout. If you know a good blogging app, I'd appreciate a shout out. Thanks!


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