Beef with Bitter Gourd

Sorry for the terrible photo. I took the shot while I was cooking this dish. The lighting in our kitchen is pretty bad.

We love bitter gourd in our house. I know it's an acquired taste but it's really good for your health. If you want to try this dish, check this out.

You need

Bitter gourd, cleaned and sliced
beef strips (I used stroganoff cut)
some black beans (tausi)
Chinese cooking wine
dark soy sauce
light soy sauce
sesame oil
white pepper


oyster sauce
Chinese cooking wine
light soy sauce

Let's do this!

Marinate the beef in a bowl and set aside. Meanwhile, prepare the bitter gourd. 

In a wok, heat some oil. Fry the beef and set aside. 

Add more oil to the wok and saute the garlic. Add the black beans and cook for a minute. Turn the heat to high and add the bitter gourd. Add the wine, sugar, dark soy, light soy, sesame oil and white pepper. Mix well. 

Add some water if you want the dish to be more saucy. Salt as needed. Cover the wok and let simmer for a minute until the gourds are cooked. Serve with rice. 


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