Quesadilla Night

It has been increasingly hard to blog lately what with my son wanting to join in on everything that I do. My solution is to snap photos with my phone and write using my iPad. I do have a laptop which I prefer but it's such a hassle to use that whenever my son is awake. So, that's the reason why I have been incognito for the past several days. 

Moving on, last night was Quesadilla Night for my family. I prepared this simple shrimp quesadilla with a simple side salad with homemade honey-mustard dressing. 

You need:

red and green capsicums
salt and pepper
Spanish paprika
tomato sauce

Let's do this!

Shell and devein the shrimps. Chop them up. Chop up the onions and capsicums too. In a wok, heat up some oil. Add the onions. Wait for them to be translucent and then add the capsicums. Add the shrimps. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. Add a splash of tomato sauce. At this point, the mixture would be too acidic so add a little bit of sugar (according to your taste). You can skip it altogether as well. Let the mixture simmer for about 3 minutes then prepare the quesadillas. 

Lay a tortilla on your table. Top with some grated cheese. Next comes the shrimp mixture then top with some more cheese. Cover with another tortilla. 

In a clean pan, melt some butter. Add the prepared quesadilla and toast on both sides. Slice before serving. 

This was simple but very flavorful. I don't like red capsicums as they give me indigestion but I ate them all in my quesadilla. 

My tortillas look weird becuase they are actually pita pockets. They wouldn't open up their "pockets" that is why I used them like tortillas. 

I used a capsicum that was partly red and partly green to save on peppers. Hehe..

Now let's talk about the salad. My salad was just composed of mixed greens and chopped mangoes. For the dressing, I made it myself. In a mason jar, I just mixed together some honey, mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper and oil. Just regular vegetable oil. Cover the jar and give it a shake. This is my go-to dressing whenever I run out of the bottled ones. Actually, it's more delicious and cheaper too. My husband even loved it and he is not a fan of simple salads. I really need to learn how to make other dressings...

So, that was Quesadilla Night. I hope you enjoy your own Quesadilla Night too!


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