Quick and Easy Eggplant and Snake Beans Stir Fry

One afternoon I needed to cook something fast while my son was sleeping. It had to be quick and easy to prep and easy to reheat come dinner time. I came up with this:

This is a great vegetarian dish. Actually, this was inspired by my SIL who is semi-vegetarian. I was chatting with her when I came up with this idea. I took a break from our chat to cook this. She was surprised that I finished so fast. 

If you wanna make this dish, here's what you need.

Eggplants, sliced into strips
snake beans
red bell pepper
some water
soy sauce
oyster sauce
salt and pepper

Let's do this!

Since this is a stir-fry, it's best to use a wok. Heat some oil. Saute the garlic. Add the sliced red pepper when the garlic is almost done. Add the eggplants. Cook for 2 minutes then add the snake beans. Pour some water, about 1/4 cup to steam the vegetables. Turn the heat to high and cover. Cook for one minute and then add the soy sauce, a tablespoon of oyster sauce, sugar, salt and pepper. Let the mixture simmer until the vegetables get cooked. Serve with rice. 

In the photo, I still had some leftover crab fried rice. It was the perfect combo. 


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