Quick Pancit

I didn't want to cook lunch last Thursday but I had a sudden craving for pancit. I also remembered that I still had a bag of enoki mushrooms that needed to be used ASAP. So, I made this quick pancit. How quick? You'll see.

You need:

2 packs of Nissin yakisoba noodles
one small square of pancit noodles (I think mine was Good Life brand)
2 pieces of shiitake mushrooms, sliced
half a small bag of enoki mushrooms, sliced and cleaned
some cabbage strips
one celery stalk, chopped
oyster sauce
soy sauce

Let's do this!

First off, you don't need the extra pancit. I just thought I'd add it so that I can have different textures. Also, my son is a pancit monster so 2 packs might not be enough for us. 

Cook the noodles separately as they have different cooking times. Set aside. 

In a wok, I poured one packet of oil from the yakisoba pack. I sauteed the celery and shiitake mushrooms for about 3 minutes. I then added the enoki and cabbage strips. Then I added the noodles. I used one packet of the seasoning because I was really craving for that beefy yakisoba taste. I also added some oyster and soy sauces. I skipped the other packet because it was too spicy for my son. However, I should have used the other oil packet because I felt that the pancit was too dry. 

Anyway, we both still liked the end result. It was quick and filling. 


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