Stir Fried Squid

I love seafood! If I can, I will eat them every single day. However, they are expensive and I am allergic to them. I can eat them from time to time. I can deal with the itchiness associated with eating them. This dish was totally worth the scratches. 

You will need

red and green capsicums
oyster sauce
fish sauce
brown sugar
coconut cream
crushed roasted peanuts
salt and pepper 

Let's do this!

Clean and prepare the squid. Set aside. 

In a wok, heat some oil. Saute the garlic and onions. Add the sliced capsicums. When the veggies are cooked, add the squid. Season with oyster sauce, fish sauce and sugar. Pour some coconut cream. Taste to see if you need to put more salt. Add pepper and top with the peanuts. This is a semi-dry dish so don't go crazy on the coconut cream unless of course you want some more sauce to drizzle over your rice. 


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