Egg Fried Rice

I guess fried rice is a staple in many homes. I know it is in mine. We usually have leftover rice and at the end of the week when ingredients are scarce, I whip up some fried rice to the rescue. This is a simple fried rice that you can enjoy alone or with a fried or saucy viand. 

You need:

Cold rice
frozen peas
red capsicum
5 eggs
Spanish paprika
salt and pepper
onion sugar
spring onions ( I ran out that's why you can't see it in the photo)

Let's do this!

Beat 3 eggs in one bowl. Set aside. Beat the other 2 eggs in another bowl and add 2 tablespoons of water, Spanish paprika and turmeric. Set aside.

Heat some oil in a wok and scramble the first batch of eggs and set aside. 

Add more oil and saute the chopped onions and capsicum. Add the rice and cook for 2 minutes. 

Add the second batch of eggs and mix well to coat all the rice granules. Mix in the scrambled eggs and spring onions. 

Now I think this would be great if you had some chili oil on the side, you know that thing they serve with siomai? It adds a little punch to the whole thing and you can probably eat it that way, without needing a viand. 

Up next, the viand I served this with. 


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