Lady E's Baon-to-Go

Hey, everyone! Sorry I was MIA for a while. My SIL's sister was in the city and I had to attend to her. Come Friday, I was already very tired that I needed a break and rested the whole day.

Anyway, I'm starting a new series called Lady E's Baon-to-Go. Yes, baon or packed food is really to-go but in my case, my cousins place orders to me for their daily baon. Hence, the Baon-to-Go. Everyday they pick up their freshly cooked baon.

Here are today's baon.

This is my husband's. There's lumpiang Shanghai, fried chicken and rice. On the left side inside the compartments are ketchup and sweet chili sauce.

My cousins will be bringing corn and chicken chowder.

As well as lumpiang Shanghai, sweet chili sauce and mini muffins in blueberry, mocha and banana flavors.

I'll try my best to get back to regular programming so please bear with me.


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