A Vegetarian Dinner

We are not vegetarians but we regularly eat veggies. For this dinner though, I decided to skip the meat and just have a meaty mushroom wafflewich. 

You need:

sliced bread
a can of mushrooms
liquid seasoning
olive oil
salt and pepper
Spanish paprika

Let's do this!

Heat the olive oil in a pan. Saute the chopped garlic until fragrant. Add the mushrooms and cook until brown. Season with salt and pepper. Add Spanish paprika and about 2 shakes of liquid seasoning. Set aside.

When your waffle iron is hot, spread some butter on it to prevent the bread from sticking. Prepare the sandwich by putting 1-2 tablespoons of the mushroom mixture on one slice and top with another. Pop in the waffle iron and cook until brown and the edges are crispy.

I served this with a warm potato and bean salad.

To make:

Boil some cut potatoes in water. I also blanched the cut green beans.

Heat some olive oil and butter in a pan. Add some chopped garlic and chopped red onions. Add the vegetables. Season with salt, pepper and dried oregano. Top with some chopped spring onions. Serve with the wafflewich.

For dessert, I served some watermelon cubes.

This dinner was delicious! Everyone loved it. I will definitely make this again. I thought I'd go hungry around 10 pm but I remained full and had a very good night's sleep.


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