Corned Beef Turnovers

Hey, guys! Sorry I've been away for so long. I went back and forth the hospital for some checkups and tests. I'm okay and I'm back.

Today, let's talk about these corned beef turnovers and how easy they are to make.

You need:

one can corned beef
sliced onions
pastry sheets
egg wash

Let's do this!

Saute the onions. Add the corned beef and cook. Meanwhile, prepare the pastry sheet. Mine was already pre-cut into squares. Let the corned beef cool for a while. 

Put about a tablespoon of corned beef on a pastry sheet. Brush the sides with egg wash (egg + 1T water and beat) or just a beaten egg and fold or cover with another sheet if you are using a thin sheet. 

Press the edges with a fork to seal them real good. Put holes on top of each turnover so that the steam can escape while cooking. I also brushed the tops with some more egg wash. Pop in the oven until the turnovers are cooked. 

I pulled out a few of these whenever I was running late for breakfast. Keep some in the fridge and just reheat for emergency meals.


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