Entertaining for Christmas? Daiso Japan has Got You Covered!

Christmas is coming! And for many of you, you are probably the designated chefs on that special day. You might also be entertaining from your home. I know it can be expensive and stressful but with these products from Daiso Japan, you can feel less stressed. Let's start!

These pans are huge! They can double as a serving piece too especially if you are serving lasagna or pasta. If you are bringing your food to another house, just cover with foil or cling wrap and you are all set. When the food is gone, just chuck it in the bin.


I hate washing dishes especially after a party. So, these Christmas themed plates and cups are my solution.

Don't forget the matching napkins!

You can use these cups to serve hot chocolate. Don't forget the whipped cream! 

You can put some cookies (above) in this cute Christmas house or candies (below) for the little ones. I also featured these candy dishes in my Halloween post here. 

Finally, don't stress about your table. Just add these adorable decorations and you are all set to have a Merry Christmas dinner. 

Happy shopping everyone! Get these before they run out! These are all available at Daiso Japan Shangri-La Mall but you can probably get them at your local Daiso Japan. 


  1. nice! We have daiso near our place. i'll check it out. thanks for sharing :)