Homemade Stove Top Granola

I found a recipe for stove top granola in Yummy magazine and thought I'd try it. Of course, I changed the recipe again to suit my taste.

You need:

2.5  cups rolled oats
1/2t salt
macadamias (or any nut you want)
olive oil
your choice of dried fruits (I used cranberries, mangoes and coconuts) 

Let's do this!

Mix the oats, salt and nuts in a bowl. On a non-stick pan, heat the oil and honey just until the honey starts to bubble. Add the oat mixture and mix well so everything is coated with honey and olive oil. I used a lot of honey because I like honey. 

Transfer the mixture to a sheet pan covered with parchment paper. I didn't have any so I used my trusty glass casserole which my husband broke the other day (sob..). I covered it with parchment paper. I added the dried fruits and let this cool. I transferred them to my Ball jars after cooling. I top this with yogurt and my breakfast is solved.

My only comment on this recipe is it's tricky to make granola using a pan and a stove as I couldn't cook the oats evenly. Some were too chewy and the clumped up portions were hard. I'll try this again with an oven. Oh, and you really need a big tray so that they won't stick together. 


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