The Best Menudo I've Ever Cooked

First off, if you like liver in your menudo, skip this post. I don't eat innards. However, if you want a "healthier" menudo, please keep reading.

You all know I suck at Filipino dishes so this was a super win for me. I know menudo is such a simple dish but I always mess it up. I really liked this version and my family gave it the thumbs up too. I hope you find this delicious as well.

Oh, and I added quail eggs too. I really like the taste of eggs and tomato sauce. You can skip it if you don't like eggs or if you find it weird to be included in the recipe but I highly recommend that you taste it first. 

You need:

pork, menudo cut. I used about half a kilo
boiled quail eggs
soy sauce 
calamansi juice
pressed garlic (I hate chopping so I use a garlic press)
chopped onion
tomato sauce
brown sugar
bay leaf
cut potatoes
cut carrots
red capsicums
salt and pepper

Let's do this!

Marinate the pork in calamansi juice and soy sauce for one hour. Put it in the fridge.

Wok on. Fry the potatoes and carrots until slightly brown. Fry the marinated pork until brown. Set aside. 

In the same pan, saute the garlic, onions and capsicums. Add the pork (juice and all), carrots and potatoes. Add the bay leaf.

Add the tomato sauce, water, sugar and season with salt and pepper. Let the mixture boil and then lower heat. 

Let this simmer for 20-25 minutes. Keep checking as the liquid might dry up. If it does, just add water. Do a taste check before turning the heat off. Add the boiled quail eggs. Adjust seasonings as required. Serve with lots and lots of rice!


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