Adobo Burritos

My husband loves burritos. I had half a kilo of menudo-cut pork which I didn't want to make into menudo so I decided to make adobo instead. So, I set to the task of boiling the meat and then refrigerating it to be cooked the next day. I did, one very busy morning and then I forgot all about it because I left it to simmer! Short story, they got burned but I was able to salvage them. They turned out to be so flavorful and delicious though. I just removed the burnt bits and turned them into this:

I should have made these sooner! It was a total hit! Even my son liked it! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it again so without further ado, here's the recipe. 

You need:

Leftover adobo with sauce, separate the sauce from the meat. Shred the meat and turn into crispy adobo flakes. In my case, I used menudo cut pork so they were small enough and I used them as is plus the fact that they burned... so, yeah.

large tortillas
cold rice

For the salted egg salsa:
salted eggs
fried onions (I used the bottled kind. If you are in Singapore, Fair Price has them)
cilantro or wansoy
ginger powder

Let's do this!

In a pan, saute the rice, adobo sauce and the meat. If you want to add more garlic, feel free to do so but I already put a lot in my adobo so I didn't add any more. Set aside.

In another large pan, heat the flour tortillas. 

For the salsa, chop the ingredients and mix them together except for the fried onions. Just a dash of ginger powder will do. 

To assemble:

Lay tortilla on a flat surface. Add some adobo rice. Top with the salted egg salsa and sprinkle some fried onions on top. Fold and wrap with foil. To serve, cut the burrito in half. Enjoy this with a glass of your favorite cold beverage! If you have a big family, make plenty because one is not enough. I ate 2 and one was already packed with rice. 


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