Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Fingers with a Kick

My husband had a potluck party today at work. We've had a discussion about the dish he will bring as he was assigned to bring chicken.  I thought of two dishes and one of them is the one you see above. These are sweet and spicy bacon-wrapped chicken fingers. That batch was a test-run. In my opinion, it's a really good party food. It's easy to eat and packs a punch. It's easy to cook to. All you need is an oven.

You need:

half a kilo chicken breast fillet, cut into fingers

garlic powder
chili powder
Spanish paprika
black pepper
1 Sachet Maggi Magic Sarap

brown sugar

Let's do this!

Pre-heat the oven at 190C.

Combine all the ingredients for the rub - garlic powder, chili powder, Spanish paprika, black pepper and Magic Sarap. 

Season the chicken. Wrap each one in bacon slices. I cut the bacon in half to save money. Half a slice will cover one chicken finger. 

Roll each finger in brown sugar. Set on baking pan. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. Check every now and then as the sugar can burn.

This is the batch that my husband brought to work: (I cooked one kilo)

I also cooked some chicken sate which I will show you next. 


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