Sardine Paella

I love paella but it's such a pain to cook. Aside from that, the ingredients are expensive. Good thing there are many cheaper versions available and one of them is this:

This is a pretty simple recipe which you can try on your stove top. I don't have a paellera so I used our Tefal pan. It's deep but it was okay.

You need:

1 medium can sardines in tomato sauce ( I used the Ayam brand)
ginger powder
salt and pepper
Spanish paprika
2 cups short grain rice (I used Dinorado), wash it 5 times and then drain for 10 minutes
soy sauce
3 cups vegetable stock
red and green peppers
green peas
boiled eggs

Let's do this!

Separate the sardines from the tomato sauce and set aside. 

Heat oil in pan. Saute tomatoes until limp. Add onions and cook until translucent. Add the garlic. Add peppers. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and ginger powder.  

Add the rice and toast until every grain is coated in oil. Add soy sauce and tomato sauce from the sardines. Mix well. Add the stock and let it boil. 

Lower heat. When there is less liquid, top with green peas and sardines. Cover with a lid and wait for the rice to cook. Add the boiled eggs. You can also serve this with some lime wedges or calamansi but I skipped it. 

My husband loved this dish so much that we finished everything you see in the photo. Cousin C also had some for baon. 


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