10-Minute Salmon Dinner

I love salmon but the fresh ones are super expensive here. One Sunday, I was queuing at the cashier at Rustan's Fresh when I noticed this tray of frozen salmon pieces. I opened the freezer and got one tray to take a closer look. They were chopped up pieces but I didn't mind. They cost P95 so I got them and thought how it could be the perfect Sunday night dinner. I am always, always lazy to cook on Sunday nights, probably because the week ahead will be another onslaught of cooking and baking. So, not to make my family go hungry, I opt for leftovers or simple dishes like this one.

You need:

soy sauce
spring onions
sesame seeds
sesame oil

Let's do this!

Mix the soy sauce, honey and pepper in a bowl. Marinate the salmon for 5 minutes. 

Meanwhile, toast the sesame seeds. Set aside. 

In the same pan, add some oil. Drain the salmon but reserve the marinade. Fry the salmon pieces until your desired doneness. I always cook well done to lessen my allergic reaction. Add the marinade and let it bubble and simmer for a minute or two. Be sure you are on the lowest heat setting. Add the sesame seeds and just a tiny splash of sesame oil. Transfer to a serving platter and sprinkle with chopped spring onions. You're done!

I served this with rice and some miso soup. 

My son loved this dinner! If you haven't heard, he is now known as Mr. Picky so when he likes something I cook, I'm a happy mommy.


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