Quick Vegetarian Pancit

Hi everyone! I've been away for so long because a lot of things happened that needed my utmost attention. Also, summer has started and my urticaria has come back to give me some trouble. I've seen a dermatologist the other day and was put on meds for the next 7 days. I really pray that this will work. I don't want to go through a series of tests anymore. If you have chronic urticaria, I'd appreciate some tips and advice.

Let's move on to today's recipe. This is super easy to make. Actually, I was too lazy to prepare dinner when I cooked this. I just got three packs of Nissin Yakisoba and got rid of the seasonings. I did keep the dehydrated meat and vegetables. You can make this vegetarian by getting rid of the meat.

You need:

3 packs of Nissin Yakisoba, discard seasonings but keep dehydrated veg and meat
sesame oil
canola oil
vegetables of your choice (I used carrots, red peppers, snow peas, cabbage and spring onions)
soy sauce and mirin to taste (if you are feeling super lazy, you can use the pack's seasonings and just add some more salt or soy sauce if you like)

Let's do this!

Cook the noodles according to package directions. Drain. Toss with some sesame oil so that the noodles won't stick to each other. Set aside.

In a wok, heat some canola oil. Add the vegetables except for the spring onions) and stir fry until your desired doneness. Add the noodles. Season with your preferred seasonings. Sprinkle with some chopped spring onions. You're done!

I'll try to be more updated with my blogs this week. I truly appreciate you readers out there who continue to support and visit my blog. Being a SAHM is tough work but I'll figure it out sooner or later.  


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