The Burgery at Circuit

Hey, everyone! I've been battling depression and this autoimmune chronic idiopathic urticaria that's why I haven't been around. I just lost my blogging mojo. I'm trying to fight it and I'm trying to do ways to bring back my love for writing but I'm still at the losing end. We've been going out a lot so that I won't feel depressed. Last Saturday, we went to Circuit to check out this place called The Burgery. I really had high hopes. 

At first we would just order takeaway as everybody was still full but when we were ordering, my son suddenly said that he wanted to eat now. So we just ate in. 

There are plenty of burgers to choose from. We chose Fat Tony (one of their bestsellers) and French Mob. I also ordered a pasta for my son and some Burgery potato wedges. 

This is the French Mob which was supposed to have a sour cream and onion dressing. I didn't taste any of that. The burger was dry. Sure, I ordered well done but the burgers from fast food places are also well done but they are not dry. The bacon was soggy. The bread was okay. 

I also told them not to put tomatoes as I was allergic but they still did. I told them to change the entire burger as the tomato already touched the patty and everything else. I'm not sure if they did because I was scratching a few places on the way home. The staff said the bottom was changed. 

I also ordered some house brewed ice tea which was okay but had a weird after taste. Loved that they served it in mason jars. 

The burger was bland. It couldn't stand on its own. My husband is a huge burger eater but he didn't finish his. We shared both the Fat Tony and French Mob which didn't have much of a difference, taste wise. 

On the menu it says that Fat Tony has this 'burgery sauce'. I had a tiny taste because I don't want to risk a hypersensitivity reaction but I reckon it's just mayo and ketchup. My husband also said that it's just mayo and ketchup. 

This pasta was ambitious. It looked really good. Cream pasta with bacon bits and a poached egg. But the egg was not poached. It looked terrible and it was already oozing out the yolk when I lifted just a portion of it. It looked like they just put the egg in boiling water and skimmed it out. The cream sauce was so bland.

Now the wedges. We love fries and wedges but this remained untouched save for a few pieces to taste. It was greasy. So greasy that after one bite, I gave up. And that's the burgery sauce on the side. The fries are unseasoned and can't hold their own without the sauce. 

The bill was a little over 1,000 pesos even after a PWD and Senior Citizen discount. The Burgery is a great concept but they still have a lot of room to improve on. 

That wasn't so bad (on my part). I have a ton of posts in my head. I just need the push in the right direction again. Thank you for being patient with me.


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