Barbecue Chicken Pizza Baguette

Pizza is one of the dinner staples in my house. We probably have it every other week. Why? Because it's so simple to make and I can utilize leftovers. Take this pizza for instance. I used some leftover baguette for the base and some cooked chicken.

You need:

Baguette, sliced into half
cooked chicken breast fillet or thigh fillet
red onions, sliced
bottled barbecue sauce

Let's do this!

Spread some barbecue sauce on the baguette. Top with mozzarella. Add some onions and chicken. Pop in the oven at 177C for 15-20 minutes or until the cheese is nicely melted and the chicken a bit brown. Before serving, drizzle with more barbecue sauce and chopped cilantro. That's it! Dinner in a flash!


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